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All these years Ava has been taking pills and trying all sorts of weird-tasting herbal remedies, but her migraines still haunted her daily. She didn’t know what exactly causes her migraines. Even her doctor told her it could be a multitude of factors: diet, sleeping habits, fitness, and the most dreaded one of all – stress. When doctors can’t pinpoint what is wrong with you, they push the blame to stress. It’s vague enough to stop you from doing all the things that stress you out. Which is basically everything in life.

So she began asking all her friends and family to see if anyone else had a problem with frequent migraines. And it turned out that her cousin Lily, whom she hadn’t seen in ages, used to have them! But she didn’t know, because she always skipped out on family gatherings due to her feeling under the weather. “I guess now I know exactly how she felt”, Ava said.

Lily told her she used to get such jarring headaches that she would have to stop whatever she was doing and go rest for an hour or two. Aspirin didn’t relieve the pain much, and doctors kept prescribing stronger painkillers that made her feel physically weak and at times nauseated. Ava was surprised. Frankly, Lily looked positively healthy when she met her last week to talk about her migraines. Apparently she found a guide that taught her how to massage her meridian points. At first she was befuddled. What in the world were meridian points?!

The Pure Natural Pain Remedy

She then recommended Ava to the guide that relieved her of her nagging ailment, called Pure Natural Healing. It involved some methods of traditional Chinese medicine that didn’t require any ingestion of pills or substances, which appealed to Ava because she’s been hearing lots of bad things about painkillers lately.

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One of the chapters in this comprehensive guide taught Ava how to relieve her crippling migraines in a few simple – yet specific – steps, and she can proudly say that she’s not had one single migraine since she learnt this wonderful skill! Granted, conflicts at work still occurs, but instead of being a sitting duck and waiting for the inevitable migraine, she practices the headache-relieving method that she’s grown so fond of, and her migraine never develops.

And not only did her migraines go away completely, she realized that many of her other less troubling afflictions could be eliminated as well. She’s constantly bloated and constipated because she absolutely hate eating her vegetables, which provide dietary fiber needed to aid digestion. “I know, I should eat my veggies, but I just hate the taste so much!” she said. In this guide book she found the perfect way to get rid of her constipation issues. It turns out that she could just use her hands and massage her way to the toilet. The hilarious, ironic thing is that Lily told her she used the guide book to cure her diarrhea problems instead. Judging from the sheer amount of techniques and contents in the guide book, almost all of our body’s ailments could be treated with meridian therapy.

In fact, she’s also been practising the techniques to fix this cold that she has right now. Lots of her colleagues have been getting sick and passing the flu bug around, so the line at her company-appointed doctor is horrifyingly long. Ava is not one for patience, hence waiting in line for hours is not going to cut it for her. It came to her that she should refer to Pure Natural Healing and sure enough, there was a section on curing the common cold. She’s been working on it for the past day, and it might be her mind talking, but she’s starting to see considerable results – her sneezes have diminished to a slight sniffle, and her taste buds started working again. She couldn’t wait to go to work tomorrow to teach her suffering colleagues how to cure their colds – She’ll be hailed as a hero!

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Remedies For Natural Pain Relief

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Have you ever spent hours at your work desk, toiling away until you realize your back’s become stiff, and you have an inexplicable ache all over your body? Your eyes start to become unfocused and you can’t help but count down the hours, minutes, seconds to when the clock hits 6 and you’re free to go?

Well, I have. Every Monday to Friday, I get up early, go to work, and my only solace is lunch time, which isn’t much because the lunch crowds at food places are horrendous. I felt tired everywhere and could barely stay awake till evening, much less go out for dinner with friends after work. Headaches were the norm for me – I’d get them in the morning, after lunch, during the post-lunch slump, after work, you name it. It was like living in a head full of bricks 24 hours a day. The other day our boss announced a new scheme that awards a raise to the most productive and upbeat personality in our department, but I was so far gone down the depression spiral that I hardly even heard the details.

Finally I just couldn’t take it anymore. Instead of complaining about how lackluster I felt, I researched on ways to make myself feel better. Pills were not an option as I didn’t want to be addicted to antidepressants nor experience the many harmful side effects I’d read about. I was looking for a more holistic alternative, and I found it in a guide called Pure Natural Healing.

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Remedies For Natural Pain Relief

It’s a comprehensive guide surrounding the concept of meridian therapy, also known as acupressure, which is similar to the more popular acupuncture. Unlike acupuncture, acupressure doesn’t require needles to be penetrated into the skin. Acupressure uses massaging techniques to stimulate energy flow between the meridian points of the body.

It may sound like some New Age kind of therapy, but actually it’s a proven traditional method of Chinese medicine for centuries. What I love about meridian therapy is that it cures the root of the problem, and not just treat the symptoms like so many of the modern medicine nowadays do. If you get the flu, the antibiotics get rid of the flu, but they don’t boost your immune system to help you counter the next flu virus that comes around. Meridian therapy serves to get to the cause of what’s affecting you daily, such as stress and blood circulation.

I decided to give Pure Natural Healing a try as other therapies provided online weren’t comprehensive enough. Their instructions usually involved complicated steps, and didn’t have many illustrations to help smooth the process. Pure Natural Healing consisted of numerous pictures with every technique mentioned, along with specific steps written concisely. It even came with a video to properly demonstrate how the Qi-Flexercise worked.

After doing the Qi-Flexercise just a few times, I saw an improvement in my skin – my acne started clearing up, and my skin looked brighter and radiant. My mom thought I’d gone for a facial without bringing her! So I roped her into doing the Qi-Flexercise with me, and we were both amazed at how our health has improved so dramatically. I felt more energetic in the mornings, and no longer had that heavy sense of dread that used to sit on my shoulders as I made the mundane commute to work. My mom started being more active in the morning, waking up early to make breakfast and go out for long walks. (She hasn’t made breakfast for the family in years!)

My dad, seeing how different my mom’s and my dispositions are now, also pestered me to teach him how to do the Qi-Flexercise. It turned out he was a natural! Without my advice or prompting, he watched the video once and managed to learn it in one sitting. To be honest it really was quite easy to follow, but I was so astonished at his progress because my dad had never been one for exercise or anything fitness-related.

It’s really heartening to see how my family – and I – has become much more cheerful and living healthily now. I’ve realized how thankful I should be for having a decent job that paid my bills and allowed me room for my hobbies, and I see now that a well-rested mind and body are absolutely essential to my overall happiness. Since I don’t dread waking up in the mornings anymore due to excessive lethargy, my productivity at work has increased almost double, and I’ve even started becoming more social with my colleagues. Here’s to hoping I’ll be getting that raise soon!

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Natural Pain Remedy – What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

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I have to admit, I’m no longer the young, able-bodied boy I used to be. Age has caught on with both my mind and body, and at times I wondered if there was anything I should be living for, when my body is failing me and I can’t achieve all the things on my bucket list. I’m riddled with diabetes, and along with it came hypertension, swollen feet, painful nerves, constant headaches, and depression.

It’s not easy being old, with your kids going on with their own lives and your partner also too frail to help with anything. My wife and I wanted to take a vacation to California on our own, but the plans fell through when I started getting constipated, often for many days without relief until I had to seek medical help. Laxatives helped temporarily, but it kept happening until I got tired of taking extra pills – in addition to my usual diabetic meds – just to be able to go Number 2.

Difficult as it was to get through the disappointment of cancelling the vacation, my wife sought help from her friends and our neighbors, asking if anyone knew of a better way to help with my digestion, and our neighbor Daria helpfully offered a suggestion: Pure Natural Healing. It sounded way too good to be true – how can I cure my constipation problem without pills or a change of diet and if there really was a way, why haven’t my doctor already recommended it to me?

Daria patiently explained it all to me. Doctors and big pharmaceutical companies pretended meridian therapy – also known as acupressure – didn’t exist, because it was highly effective and cost next to nothing compared to their exorbitant hospital bills and pill prescriptions. If everyone knew about this natural yet effective method, no one would need to go to the doctors or psychiatrists to relieve their stress or treat mild ailments. Therefore meridian therapy hasn’t gotten the widespread fame and credit it sorely deserves, and instead is relying on enlightened persons like Daria and now me (and my wife) to reach out to others.

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When Daria told me all of this, I still didn’t believe her initially. I had no idea what she was talking about, and because I’d been ingesting pills all my life, I was suspicious of any method that claimed to be natural and without medication. But then she taught me a way to massage my meridian points to help with my constipation, and I started to believe. Because it worked. Within a day (although Daria tells me for her it took a few days to really feel the effects), my bowels were revived and I successfully purged myself of the waste my body had been hoarding inside. Just within a day!

After this happened, I purchased a copy of Pure Natural Healing for myself and my wife, and we began exploring all the techniques inside. There was a video on something called the Qi-Flexercise, which was supposed to boost your immune system and aid digestion, preventing constipation. We watched the video and did the steps accordingly, which was fun because we seldom had the energy to even take a walk, much less exercise together. The great thing about these methods is that they aren’t vigorous at all, and require mere minutes to execute. We were so inspired by my resolved issue of constipation that we wanted to get the most out of this guide as fast as possible!

Both my wife and I felt eons better than we’ve had in years when we performed the exercises together. You can do them on your own, but it’s a bonus when someone is able to massage your neck or head for you. We also tried out the high blood pressure massage, and stress and anxiety relievers. And because of the improved blood circulation, my feet were no longer swollen. Although to be frank, I didn’t realize the full effects of these exercises until I went for my routine checkup three weeks later, and my doctor praised me on managing to lower my blood pressure levels. I was stunned. I told him about Pure Natural Healing and he too was quite astonished at how quick its results were. He then said he would try it out for himself. I can’t wait for my next checkup to see how he would react when he realizes how effective it is!

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Natural Remedies For Pain Relief

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I work at a prestigious law firm in the city. I used to love my fast-paced, high-stress job, but lately it’s been taking a huge toll on my physical health. I guess I’m just not as young as I used to be.

Late nights at the office have drained my hours of sleep to just an hour or two at the most, so I’ve been getting terrible migraines here and there, sometimes right before I’m going to court.

On weekends when I do try to relax, I can’t, because my shoulders and neck are too tightly wound up. Visiting a masseuse did work, but the effects only lasted a day maximum. The pain only got worse on the following Monday.

One day I collapsed during court. The hearing was postponed and I got admitted into the hospital. On the outside everything seemed fine, but when the tests came back the doctors told me my blood pressure was way too high and that I needed more rest.

My boss, Evan, who is also a long-time friend of mine, insisted that I take a few weeks off to recuperate.

It finally hit me that I really had been working too hard, and I needed help to turn my health around before I became incapacitated for good.

Evan came over one day during my leave with something for me, and was I ever glad I had such a good friend looking out for me. He gave me a guide book called Pure Natural Healing – along with an instruction video

– and in it were things I’d never even heard of, like meridian therapy and something called qi. I scoffed at it initially. What good was self-therapy when even masseuses and doctors can’t help?

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Natural Remedies For Pain

But I was dead wrong. Evan had been following the methods in this guide for a while and knew its benefits well. He was certain I needed it. The guide came with clear pictures on how to properly conduct the massage techniques on my own.

I found myself following the instruction, starting with the Qi-Flexercise video, which instantly made me feel less tense. I began to feel hope.

I looked at the contents page and realized there were techniques for almost everything under the sun: shoulder aches, migraines, lack of energy, high blood pressure, even one to cure a cold!

I felt an overwhelming urge to sleep after the Qi-Flexercise. So I went to bed, and had my first night of well-rested sleep in years. I woke up with a deep sense of gratitude that I was able to finally get some deserved sleep, and couldn’t wait to get started on the rest of the techniques to cure myself of my other ailments!

I tried out the exercise to get rid of migraines, and because I’ve had such a good night’s sleep following the Qi-Flexercise, I had no issues whatsoever with the exercises that I subsequently did.

For the rest of the week, I did the migraine exercise daily and to my surprise, not one migraine developed. Not one! It had been years since I could experience a stress-free mind.

I also turned to the high blood pressure exercise in the guide – several simple techniques that help to regulate blood pressure and release muscle tension. My shoulders were much more relaxed and didn’t ache as much anymore, even when I used the computer for a few hours recently.

Then I went to my doctor for a checkup, and he reported in a tone of surprise, that my blood pressure had indeed gone down! He said he didn’t really expect such a dramatic decrease to normal levels so quickly.

It’ s been about a month or so since I’ve started using Pure Natural Healing, and I’ve gone back to work. I learnt to cut back on my hours and delegate things to other associates, because if there’s one thing I could take away from my fainting episode in court, it’s that my health is irreplaceable.

There is no point earning thousands if I sacrificed my rest and ended up in physical pain. Every day I make sure to spend a few short minutes on the Qi-Flexercise, along with the migraines and blood pressure techniques.

Once in a while to spruce things up, I do other exercise for eye strain and stress. I’m finally enjoying my job again, and feeling more fit than ever to carry on!

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